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23rd-Apr-2010 10:31 pm - Animalien - an alien eye set

This set was created by sampling photos of actual animal eyes. CRAZY!
As always, the models are downloadable as well. Let's get right to it...

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22nd-Apr-2010 04:55 pm - Eins - an eye set (and Sims)

Here's my first 'normal' eye set. The iris is from a photo of my actual eyeball. :o)
The sclera is from pooklet.

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18th-Apr-2010 09:04 pm - Trialien eye set

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17th-Apr-2010 04:08 pm - Coming soon...
 ... to an LJ cut near you!

My first set of eyes! And they are ALIEN EYES! Ooooooo! 

That set of tattoo skins is still coming. Jessi is doing a little work on it for me. If I have to do all the tedious stuff myself it would never get done. :oS

It's a good thing she loves me. :oD
15th-Mar-2010 10:21 pm - More Sims for download
Another quick post. jesstheex  used some of my Sims as eye models in her latest post.
I figured I better get them up here and take advantage of the free publicity. 


[Larger]  [Download]

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15th-Mar-2010 12:08 am - For your Sim-ing enjoyment...
My favorite thing about Sims 2 is making new Sims. Body Shop is so much fun.
I spend way more time creating new residents than actually playing them.
My wife, jesstheex , thought that I should share some of my creations with everyone.

I'm also great at intending to post, but not actually getting around to it, so I have several Sims ready to go.
Jessi always writes up awesome bios for her Sims. I'm just not that ambitious. Make up your own!

Anyway, here are a few to get started. I'm sure I'll get the rest up. Eventually. ;o)


[Larger]  [Download]

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4th-Dec-2009 11:52 pm - The person below me Sims
Sooo, I just sort of picked a couple of these challenges at the end when my jesstheex was showing me how awesome the thread was. As I was getting ready to claim the last one, the thread was closed. But here they are anyway. :o)

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11th-Oct-2008 04:09 pm - The Insula Cruor Legacy 1.3
Welcome back to

a slacker killer, a couple birthdays and not much else. sorry.Collapse )

Previously on Insula Cruor
Generation One: 1.1 | 1.2


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